Women's,$30,Spandex,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,nuritcosmetics.co.il,/Bergama1988688.html,Viscose,Top,Lightweight,kensie Women's,$30,Spandex,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,nuritcosmetics.co.il,/Bergama1988688.html,Viscose,Top,Lightweight,kensie $30 kensie Women's Lightweight Viscose Spandex Top Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women kensie Women's Limited time sale Lightweight Spandex Top Viscose $30 kensie Women's Lightweight Viscose Spandex Top Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women kensie Women's Limited time sale Lightweight Spandex Top Viscose

kensie Women's quality assurance Limited time sale Lightweight Spandex Top Viscose

kensie Women's Lightweight Viscose Spandex Top


kensie Women's Lightweight Viscose Spandex Top

Product description

Kensie lightweight viscose spandex knit solid black tank top featuring wide chiffon edge around bottom hem.

Kensie 경량 비스코스 스판덱스 니트 단색 블랙 탱크 탑은 밑단 주위에 넓은 시폰 가장자리가 특징입니다.

kensie Women's Lightweight Viscose Spandex Top

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Slow delivery in the international postal service, please check this list! If you don't find your country, unfortunately we can't send your order in time. We hope this situation will be resolve in a few weeks.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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