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JUMISEE Men Rapid rise Women Cotton Cow Print H Sun Bucket Hat Spasm price Beach Summer

JUMISEE Men Women Cotton Cow Print Bucket Hat Summer Beach Sun H


JUMISEE Men Women Cotton Cow Print Bucket Hat Summer Beach Sun H

Product description

JUMISEE Men Women Cotton Cow Print Bucket Hat Summer Beach Sun Hat Fisherman Hat with Cute Horn Ears

1) Material: cotton
2) Hat Circumference: 22.04''-22.83''
3) Color: black amp; white, black amp; khaki
4) Recommended For: men, women, boys, girls, teenagers
5) Package Included: 1 x Bucket Hat

1) Soft, breathable and comfortable cotton bucket hats are great for summer wear.
2) With wide brim, this bucket hat can effectively keep your face from ultraviolet ray.
3) Cow print bucket hat with cute horns and ears makes you look chic and fashionable! Great for street snap, happy selfie, photography shoots, shooting fun videos and etc.
4) Lightweight fabric with quick-dry feature is great for all outdoor activities like for beach, travelling, hiking, camping, fishing, boating and etc.
5) A creative and wonderful gift for your loved one on birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more.

JUMISEE Men Women Cotton Cow Print Bucket Hat Summer Beach Sun H

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