$20 Multi Outlet Power Strip, TESSAN Long Surge Protector 3 Sided wi Electronics Accessories Supplies nuritcosmetics.co.il,3,Surge,TESSAN,/patacao1988642.html,Power,Outlet,Long,Protector,Multi,$20,Sided,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,wi,Strip, nuritcosmetics.co.il,3,Surge,TESSAN,/patacao1988642.html,Power,Outlet,Long,Protector,Multi,$20,Sided,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,wi,Strip, Quantity limited Multi Outlet Power Strip TESSAN Long Sided wi Surge Protector 3 Quantity limited Multi Outlet Power Strip TESSAN Long Sided wi Surge Protector 3 $20 Multi Outlet Power Strip, TESSAN Long Surge Protector 3 Sided wi Electronics Accessories Supplies

Quantity limited Multi Outlet Power Strip TESSAN Long Sided wi Surge Protector Boston Mall 3

Multi Outlet Power Strip, TESSAN Long Surge Protector 3 Sided wi


Multi Outlet Power Strip, TESSAN Long Surge Protector 3 Sided wi

Product Description

large power strip

Why TESSAN Surge Protector Power Strip?

Are you looking for a power strip with multiple outles?This 15-outlet power strip is your solution.

1. Multiple Outlets with Compact Size: 15-outlet with 3 smart USB ports charge for electrical appliances at home, kitchen, office, workshop and etc. Though it is a multi-outlet power strip, it comes in a compact size 10''x 2.2''x 2.2''.

2. Multi Safety Protection: Protect your electronics with 1050 Joules surge protection and integrated circuit breaker. Also over-current protection, short circuit protection, and 1850W power cord with heat-resistence safeguard your devices and home safety.

3. Convenient Design: Non-blocking cube design, on-off switch, 6ft long extension cord, low profile flat plug, wall mountable screw holes, soft indicator light.

Very Important:

For safety, please do not exceed the maximum power of 1875W, especially when using high-power appliances such as hairdryers, etc.

Only connected to a grounded outlet.

For indoor use only in dry locations.

Power Outlets 15 widely spaced Outlets
USB Ports 3
Power Rating 1875W - 15A MAX, 125V
Surge Protector Rating 1050 joules
Power cord length 6 Foot
Item Dimensions 10 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

Multi Outlet Power Strip, TESSAN Long Surge Protector 3 Sided wi

November 23, 2021

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